At Ocean’s Edge School of Worship, you’ll be taught by musicians, mentors and ministers with real world experience, Christian integrity, and a heart for investing in others. Our staff, adjunct faculty, guest artists, and speakers bring their professional experience and knowledge of equipment, production, technology, leadership, ministry and performance into the school where you can learn from it. Because the staff is continuing their own pursuits as artists, they bring current and relative trends, as well as “tried and true” techniques for success, right into the classroom.

The staff consists of a core group of administrators, teachers, and mentors, but we also supplement instruction by using additional adjunct staff. These additional staff members allow us to provide students with the best possible instruction by providing a variety of teachers who are experts in their respective areas.

Andrew WooDdell


Andrew Wooddell.jpg

Andrew serves as the head of the Worship Ministry department at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale and the Executive Director of Ocean's Edge School of Worship. He has been committed to serving the Calvary Chapel Plantation and Fort Lauderdale campuses since 2003. Andrew grew up in a small town in West Virginia, attended Liberty University and graduated with a Master's in Worship Studies at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary before venturing to south Florida. More than anything, he loves being a husband and father to his wife Chrissy and their two beautiful children, Jadon and Madeline.


Jessica Busboom


Jessica Busboom.jpg

Here is a woman who adds a bit of wonder to everything. As the Director at the school, Jessica plays a huge part in shaping the culture, providing vision, and discipling the students. She is often casting creative vision, and shepherding the students to seek Jesus in the midst of their day to day practicalities and classes. Jessica graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz and Studio Music and has been leading worship at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale for 10+ years. She is the worship leader for Eikon, a college and post-college ministry of Calvary. She is a songwriter, creative genius, intercessor, and leader to many. Jessica is married to Todd, who lets us host a bunch of parties at their awesome house.


Jessica Buikema


Jessica Buikema.jpg

If you’ve ever given us a call, you’ve probably had a conversation with Jessica Buikema.  Because there are two Jessica’s, she is affectionately referred to as “Bookie” (Boo-key). She has been at Ocean’s Edge since the very beginning; her heart is in the school and to see the students grow in Christ. She does more than answer emails; Jessica also leads worship, small groups, and project management within the school. She hustles and is always making herself available to help people find their way.




Juliana Kotrady.jpg

Juliana started working at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale in 2007. She came on to join the Ocean’s Edge team in 2015 as the Admissions Coordinator. She is your go-to for applications, housing, financing and anything else you may need to know. Our girl knows all things Calvary and will always point you in the right direction. She claims to not be musical at all but we’ve all heard her sing along to her favorite tunes when she thinks no one is listening. Juliana is married to Jeff who is the Local Outreach Director here at Calvary.  In September 2016, they welcomed their first son, Timothy!


Matt Rodriguez

Residential Director, Theory, ear training, small group leader

Matt Rodriquez.jpg

With a cup of coffee always on hand, Matt is the man living in the trenches of discipleship with our students. He thrives on building the community and facilitates functions and events at the Ocean’s Edge apartments. Matt is also the worship leader for Calvary’s newest campus addition, Calvary Chapel Midtown. Matt earned his Associate's Degree in Music and attended Ocean’s Edge for two years before coming on staff in 2011. He plays keyboard and teaches Music Theory and Charting.


Bobby Bemis

acts, epistles

Bobby Bemis.jpg

Outgoing, resilient and upbeat, Bobby is a gifted communicator and worship leader who has been attending Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale with his family since he was a baby. As a result, he has a deep concern and dedication for the younger generations. Bobby teaches our second year Acts and Epistles classes. He leads worship at the Fort Lauderdale campus and Eikon, and oversees youth worship ministries at Calvary. He graduated in May 2015 from Trinity International University with his B.A. in Psychology. Bobby is regularly making himself available to people and always encouraging them to look to Christ.


Christopher Jones


Christopher Jones.jpg

This OE graduate and Florida native is an exceptional musician and plays just about any instrument you can think of. With a passion for music and ministry, Chris enjoys finding new ways to worship the Lord with excellence and techniques to enhance the worship environment. Because Chris has witnessed firsthand the impact that the Lord has done in his own life through OE, he delights in getting to see the students grow spiritually and learn to walk in the identity and calling that God has placed on their lives. 


Dan Lowenberg

Performance Track & Guitar LAB

Dan Lowenberg.jpg

Dan is one of the best electric guitar players we know with the driest sense of humor. He made his way from New Jersey to attend Ocean’s Edge for two years, then in 2012 he joined our staff. Dan spearheads the Performance Track and teaches guitar lessons. Dan is an experienced musician and has a genuine love for music, from European power metal to Motown to Classic Rock.


Debbie Schneider


Debbie Schnieder.jpg

If you’ve ever met Debbie, you know that she absolutely lights up any room she walks into. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Inter Disciplinary Studies in Music and Jewish Studies from Florida Atlantic University, you can find this driven and incredibly talented woman teaching voice lessons and Vocal Labs. Debbie has a huge passion for using her musical gifts to serve the Lord and loves getting to witness how student’s lives are changed year after year as they learn more about themselves and grow in their love for Jesus. Outside of the classroom, Debbie actively invests in the students through the mentorship program and works with housing as the RA for the girls’ apartments. We are so thankful for the key roles that Debbie plays within our team and the impact she continually leaves on all those that she meets! 


Denise Trio

Biblical Counseling 2

Denise Trio.jpg

Denise graduated from Ocean’s Edge in 2011 and began working for the school a year later. With a Master’s of Arts in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University, she teaches Biblical Counseling and helps develop the school’s Mentorship Program. She is passionate about seeing lives transformed by the power of God’s Word.


Drew Eales

Second Year Practicum Overseer & Small Group Leader

Drew Eales.jpg

You’ll never meet a human more full of joy than Drew Eales. He can play virtually any instrument, but his greatest gift is his ability to connect with people and inspire them with the joy of knowing Jesus Christ.  He’s a bridge builder.  Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Drew attended Ocean’s Edge School of Worship in 2008 and hasn’t left the sunshine state since.  He joined our staff in February 2014 to lead worship at our Boca Campus.  This man loves hockey, Big Macs, and quality coffee. We love him and his wife Allysar! 



Evan Rizzo

Bass Lab

Evan Rizzo.jpg

Evan oversees our Bass Studio and teaches private lessons to our students and workshops at Calvary Chapel.  Our church would not be the same without this guy.  He has a huge heart for the community and works tirelessly to serve others.  Evan works for the Plantation campus Facilities department and you can find him at many of our satellite campuses playing on the weekends.  He is an amazing musician and we are so thankful he’s part of our OE family.




Frank Bolla

Drum Lab

Frank Bolla.jpg

Frank Bolla, what a guy! He is an extremely talented drummer and we love to watch him worship with everything he’s got. Frank attended Ocean’s Edge in 2011. After graduation, he continued playing at the Calvary Chapel campuses and began training our drum students. Eventually he took on the Drum Studio and is a beloved teacher and discipler here. Frank is just good. You want to be around him and you definitely want him playing in your band.


Jennie Reynolds

Artist Track

Jennie Reynolds.jpg

Jennie Reynolds is brilliant; a master songwriter with a beautifully creative mind, we are so blessed to have her overseeing our Artist Track. Jennie first came to OE as student from England in 2008. After graduation she returned home to Europe and the Lord’s gifts continue to unfold in her life. In 2010, she was brought back to lead the Artist Track and develop songwriters at the school. Jennie is an excellent teacher, caring about each student’s future and the path God has set before them.


Mike Rust


Mike Rust.jpg

Family Ministry Pastor at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale’s satellite campus in Boca Raton, Mike is dedicated to helping the next generation of Christian leaders know their faith and know the Word of God. Mike teaches Apologetics and Christian Doctrine classes. He has been on staff at the school since the very first graduating class in 2005.


Myriah Jones

Vocal Lab

Myriah Jones.jpg

A proud OE alumni hailing from Kansas, Myriah graduated from Ocean’s Edge in 2009.  She stuck around the Fort Lauderdale area, remained heavily involved in our worship community, and began training to be a vocal teacher. She has now been teaching private vocal lessons at OE for 3+ years and oversees the Vocal Studio. You won’t meet a bigger encourager or a kinder soul.


Scotty Bemis

Ableton, Ensemble coach 

Scotty Bemis.jpg

A keyboard, Ableton and analytical genius, Scotty Bemis is a perfect combination of creativity and execution. He is also very kind. Scotty organizes, creates and distributes tangible resources like charts, mp3s and loops to equip our worship leaders and team members for multiple weekly church services. He grew up attending Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale and has been playing and leading worship since 2007. Scotty graduated from Ocean’s Edge in 2014 and came on staff shortly after. 



Sheri Garlock

Piano Lab

Sheri Farlock.jpg

Sheri Garlock felt the call to be involved with Ocean’s Edge School of Worship when she first heard the ministry being announced in 2006.  She is a phenomenal piano instructor with an A.A. degree from Northwest Florida State College, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Florida Atlantic University, and has additional graduate level courses in Private Piano Study, Piano Literature, and Piano Pedagogy.  Sheri runs a full-time studio out of her home and instills her love of music into each student she has the privilege of teaching.


Zach Reynolds

Worship Track, Worship Lab

Zach Reynolds.jpg

Zach came on staff after attending FAU and Ocean’s Edge School of Worship in September 2013. He leads the Worship Track and facilitates Worship Lab.

Brilliant and sincere, he’s quick to encourage or to make you laugh with his dry humor. He leads worship at the Calvary Chapel Boynton Beach campus, plays guitar and is a gifted songwriter.

Small Group Leaders