Music Theory & Ear Training for Modern Worship

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Music Theory & Ear Training for Modern Worship


COURSE DATES: Fall, Spring

TERM:  8 Weeks

Music Theory and Ear Training for Modern Worship has been developed specifically with worship leaders in mind. This course will expand your musical vocabulary, acquainting you with the rhythmic, melodic, harmonic, and structural elements of music. These fundamental concepts will equip you to communicate effectively with your worship team. We will learn how to read music, how key signatures function, and the Nashville numbering system. Supported by interactive software, applicable assignments, and personalized feedback-this online course will help you put these theories into practice every day.

** Additional Software and Book Not Included (Required)

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*PLEASE NOTE: Additional software and book not included - see below for details


  • Learn note placements on a staff
  • Learn note values, rest values, and time signatures
  • Understand all major key signatures
  • Build and understand all major intervals and scales
  • Be able to identify diatonic chord progressions by ear
  • Communicate diatonic chord progressions using the Nashville Numbering system
  • Be able to arrange vocal harmonies around the given melody and chord progression


  • Contemporary Music Theory: Level 1 by Mark Harrison
  • There will be an additional $15 fee for the software used for the homework in this class. When you purchase the class you will receive an additional link to pay for the software
  • Laptop Computer
  • Headphones/Speakers


Week 1: Introduction/The Staff

  • Treble & Bass Clefs
  • Notes on the staff
  • Barlines

Week 2: Notation

  • Note Values
  • Rest Values
  • Accidentals
  • The dot
  • Enharmonic notes
  • Time Signatures

Week 3: Major Keys

  • Circle of 5ths
  • Order of sharps and flats
  • Major Scales

Week 4: Intervals

  • All diatonic intervals

Week 5: Chords

  • Major triads
  • Minor triads
  • Diminished triads
  • 7th Chords

Week 6: Diatonic Chord Progressions (Nashville Numbers)

Week 7: Voice Leading

  • Inversions

Week 8: Vocal Arranging

  • Harmonies.


Matt Rodriquez

As a worship leader, I’ve been in all kinds of situations with musicians of varying skill levels. Understanding music theory and it’s role in modern worship has helped me to have a deeper understanding of what is happening in a song, be able to make necessary changes last minute, and earn the respect of trained musicians as I am able to communicate with them on a more professional level. 

“The greatest thing I took away during my time at Ocean’s Edge was a clearer picture of God’s love for me and for the world.”
— Nia Hendricks, Worship Track - Alumni