Writing Corporate Worship Songs

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Writing Corporate Worship Songs



TERM:  8 Weeks

Overview: This course will take away some of the mystery and guesswork that often surrounds writing songs. Students will learn song writing techniques such as the role of syllables and rhyme schemes, how to write strong opening lines, choosing chords to support melodies, how melody and lyrics work together and song editing techniques.  Together we will apply common principles and guidelines that take songs from initial concept to finished song. 

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WEEK 1: Song Seeds | Learn where ideas come from and how to collect them, types and sources. 

WEEK 2: Building A Song From A Seed | Take various types of song seeds and transform them it into the foundations of a song.

WEEK 3: Song Sections | Learn the purpose of song section sections, how to use each song section effectively, and how to choose lyrical content for each section.

WEEK 4: Lyrics | Learn how to write effective lyrics, how to find and utilize different types of rhymes, and the importance of first lines and titles

WEEK 5: Setting A Melody | Learn how to compose compelling melodies for each song section, how to set melodies over established lyrics, and how to write melodies to chord progressions.

WEEK 6: Chord Progressions | Understand the Nashville number system, how to place chords under an established melody, and common chord progressions used for writing and composing.

WEEK 7: Overcoming Writers Block | We will look at different staring points for songwriting, lyrical prompts, writing tools, co-writing and the importance of collaboration.

WEEK 8: Editing | We will learn and practice editing finished songs by using techniques to improve and strengthen a song’s first draft. 

Professor: Jennie Reynolds

Every day and in every way, my current job involves some skill, strategy, or idea that I gained while at Ocean’s Edge School of Worship.
— Chance Riehl, Worship Track - Alumni