Ableton for Live Worship

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Ableton for Live Worship


COURSE DATES: Spring and Summer Term

TERM:  8 Weeks

Overview: This course introduces students to the fundamentals of navigating and working in Ableton Live. Students will learn how to create, edit, and arrange reference MP3 tracks for band rehearsals; create and edit a live set to run click and loops for services; use Ableton for live playing, both manually with a MIDI controller, and automatically using Ableton’s automation; and use MIDI to record custom loops for songs.

** Additional Software Required (Not Included)

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*PLEASE NOTE: Additional software required - see below for details


Ableton 10 Standard or Suite

Mac OSX 10.11.6 or higher, or Windows 7 or 8 // 4GB RAM or higher

**Windows computer may result in file saving and transferring errors



Week 1: User Interface Overview

  • File types, terms (Stems, MT, REF)
  • Preferences changes/explanations
  • IAC Driver - Brief Stop explanation

Assignments: uploading an assignment, exporting an MP3, UI quiz

Week 2: Hot keys, working in Ableton, Editing an MT

  • All relevant hot keys
  • Time commands for editing
  • Maneuvering Ableton

Assignments: Hot Key Quiz, Edit an MT

Week 3: Warping - Creating a REF, adding an MT

  • How to warp an easy song
  • Assembling the live set template
  • Bring in Multitracks

Assignment: Create a REF and add MT

Week 4: Advanced Warping

  • Warping a difficult song
  • Warping a multitrack

Assignment: Warp a difficult song, warp a MultiTrack

Week 5: Creating a Set

Assignment: Create a full worship set with all bells and whistles

Week 6: MIDI Recording

  • Creating custom loops to supplement the band

Assignment: Create a REF and add simple perc, synth bass, pads, strings, etc.

Week 7: Basic Intro to Synth/Live playing

  • Building an Instrument rack/separate tracks
  • Using a controller
  • Using automation for live changes

Assignment: Create an instrument rack with multiple sounds, automate their activity over a worship set

Week 8: Troubleshooting/Tips for train wrecks/Click in Session View

  • Ministry tips - exporting well, creatively editing, mashups and transitions

Assignment: Final - Full 4-song worship set with invitation and closing arrangements, click set in Session View


  • Competently Navigate and Work in Ableton
  • Warp Audio to Ableton’s Click
  • Edit MP3’s to Create Arrangements and Transitions
  • Export Audio from Ableton for Volunteers
  • Build Effective and Simple Click/Loop Sets
  • Warp MultiTracks
  • Record MIDI to Supplement Band
  • Use Ableton for Live Playing
  • Run Ableton Confidently and Easily, Equipped to Adjust on the fly



In addition to building and running sets multiple times per week, one of the roles of my job is to acquire, format, and manage all of the Ableton files we use at our campuses. We use Ableton to provide excellent resources for our team, especially when we want to implement something new and creative. Having a wide knowledge of the program also helps bring our Easter and Christmas services and Ocean's Edge Shows to a higher standard of excellence.

A huge benefit of being an OE student is the access to an overabundance of resources. I was fortunate enough to be able to use the gifts that God had equipped me with to utilize the resources in the production track studio to focus on music production and musical directing.
— Christopher Jones, Production Track - Alumni