Ocean’s Edge School of Worship seeks to be a leader in equipping you—the next generation of Christian worship leaders and musical artists— to utilize your gifts and talents to impact the world for Jesus Christ.


Through development in the core areas of Worship, Leadership, and Discipleship, we will help you strengthen your gifts, mature as a leader, and grow closer to the Lord.


Ocean’s Edge School of Worship was founded with a specific purpose to provide training and education for the next generation of worship leaders, Christian musicians and artists. Based out of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, we provide an environment combining personal mentoring and discipleship with modern music, technology and leadership training in an approach that will equip students for a lifetime in ministry.

Biblical courses are taught by seasoned teachers, pastors, and guest teachers who give a relevant, fresh perspective of Gods word, with an emphasis on its relation to worship. Musical studies begin with the building blocks of music through theory, ear training, songwriting and challenging private lessons with experienced professionals. Performance ensemble classes place students into teams and give real performance and leading opportunities with coaching from experienced musicians. Music Technology focuses on the creation and production of recording and how to successfully complete recording projects using modern music software.

Leadership courses teach people skills, personal and professional management, leadership, and organization preparing students for whatever career path they choose. As we learn from the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:15, the possession of skill alone is not adequate in Gods eyes. We are challenged, even required, to develop and invest in what we have been given with the hope we will one day be told, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Students learn to stretch their abilities, develop a plan for tackling complex tasks, generating successful ideas, communicate clearly, move beyond their comfort zone, and inspire others to take action. We recognize that ministries can benefit from proven and Godly business strategies. We strive for students to succeed and offer specific training to be effective personally and professionally.

At Ocean's Edge School of Worship, we understand that musical skill and Biblical knowledge are meaningless to ministry without personal character and spiritual maturity. Therefore, personal development is at the core of everything we do. Spiritual lessons are best learned by experience and Oceans Edge School has been built from the ground up to be that place of challenge and change for each student. A spiritually mature staff, God-centered curriculum, and structured mentorship program all work together to achieve our mission – – to make disciples.

Every day and in every way, my current job involves some skill, strategy, or idea that I gained while at Ocean’s Edge School of Worship. I can’t go through a single day without referencing, whether physically or mentally, a resource that the staff, students, or experience at Ocean’s Edge School of Worship gave me.
— Chance Riehl, Class of '09

Our Objectives

  • Foster professional level competencies in musicianship, leadership, management, speaking skills, and discipleship.
  • Refine the individual gifts and talents of students and prepare them for careers in ministry.
  • Develop a strong spiritual foundation and Christian worldview.
  • Instill a Biblically based system of values and beliefs and the ability to communicate them.
  • Develop servant leadership skills with a focus on problem solving, communication, conflict resolution, and ministry administration.
  • Develop character and integrity through structured personal development experiences, mentorship, and fellowship with other believers. 
  • Provide an environment in which all know they are valued members of a community that values integrity in all relationships.


Ocean’s Edge School of Worship is proud to partner with other colleges and universities, allowing for a seamless transition between institutions. Many credits earned at Ocean's Edge are transferable to our partner schools and vice-versa. Beyond the schools listed below, we are continuing to pursue partnerships that we believe will better serve our students and ultimately achieve our goals of preparing the next generation of Worship Leaders, Artists, Musicians, and Producers. Current partner schools include Calvary Chapel University and Visible Music College .

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